Thank you for inquiring more information about Cocoa Grinder, that's Grind'n awesome! The Franchise development team will discuss all your needs and will be more than glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Still interested? AWESOME! We'll gladly send you the application whichever way you like, from being delivered by a pigeon all the way to you scanning it over!



Fill out our straight forward and simple application and send over which ever way it's easiest for you. 




Our Franchise development team will inform you whether your application has been approved or declined. 




If approved, a meeting/interview is completed with the franchise development team. We will go over the FDD and provide site details along with budget and lease requirements. 




The execution and the return of the FDD with the requested fran­chise fee and documents. 




First the signing of the store development agreement, selecting and submitting a site for approval. Our development team will develop the site and secure the lease. 




We will unlimitedly train you at one of our main locations until you are comfortable and
we're sure your skills have been perfected. 


our ideals

Triple C's of Cocoa Grinder


Pick a model type that you want to start with

grand opening

After all the time and hard work we put in as a family, 
it would be the grand opening of your very own Cocoa Grinder!