At Cocoa Grinder, we know how the daily grind can get, so we do the heavy lifting to make it all available to you.

~ our timeline ~


Founded by Abdul Elenani, opened a 250 sq. ft located @8521 4th Ave.

Opened a 1,100 sq. ft. located @8511 3rd Ave


Opened a 1,050 sq ft located with a coffee roasting facility.


We introduced our franchise model to the industry.

Five upcoming locations by the end.




Did you know that America is the largest importer of coffee, at 5.5 billion dollars’ worth in 2013? Between 2000 and 2010, global coffee exports grew from $8.3 billion to $15.4 billion, a staggering 85%.. And don’t forget the act that 48% of all U.S. coffee cups represent specialty coffee. These numbers continue to grow, too. Statistics aside, one thing is clear: coffee is one of the world’s most valuable commodities. At Cocoa Grinder, you have the opportunity to be a part of the rewarding and lucrative industry behind specialty coffee. Our specialty coffee is sourced directly from its regions without third-party involvement, roasted in-house, and carefully crafted into unique coffee blends to produce superb flavor. Try a cup, and you’ll see why it’s so special.



The unique one-stop feature at Cocoa Grinder presents the investor with opportunities not only in coffee, but in the health foods market, too. In recent years, consumers have shifted to show concern for foods’ nutritional value and the role food plays in their health. Projected to be a 1 trillion dollar industry in 2017, the health foods has had a steady rise in the last ten years:

Compared to most coffee houses, Cocoa Grinder’s menu sports a variety of delicious, healthful items made to refuel and energize the consumer. They are designed with the utmost freshness, quality, reproducibility, and consumer satisfaction in mind.



In today’s busy lifestyles, consumers will reach for smoothies and juices as a quick meal replacement with a nutritious punch. With juice bars on the rise, it’s no wonder the industry raked in at an estimated $2.6 billion in annual revenue in 2014. Customers at Cocoa Grinder represent a growing demographic of health-conscious consumers who would rather grab a health beverage with their meal instead of a soft drink. Our smoothies and juices are made without artificial preservatives and real fruits and vegetables, and are a sure, delectable hit with those looking to refuel on the go.